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I know a guy who totally wants to catch one of the wild parrots and turn it into a pet. He talks about it all the time. I wish he would just drop the idea, but I can't figure out how to discourage him. They are WILD -- this cannot be empasized ggrey. People who have this motive really have no clue what they are getting into.


African grey parrot birds for sale | long beach, ca #

He whistles and makes kissing noises when happy. She is my companion bird, please if you see her or know of her location. Please contact me if found at foxsdraperiesinc cox. He responds to his name and loves mirrors. African grey parrot outperforms children and college students. He has a yellow head, the coloring around the eyes are red his stomach is orange and he has a dark blue tail.

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He loves his reflection, might jump on your finger if you hold a small hand mirror. Cocoa Robin. She does respond to her name sometimes. She is tame, prefers women and loves bananas. Probably in the trees. Thanks very much for your help.

Wild parrots multiplying in southern california

He is 19th years old and need special care. She loves grapes but does not take them by hand. If you ask her to "shake," she'll "shake legs" with your fingers. She is a hand raised bird but fully flighted and answers to Snowy or Bird.

If anyone sees her please call us. los angeles for sale "african grey" - craigslist.

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Next, taking any kind of a wild animal away from his natural environment is truly a horrible act. In addition, one of them has a leg that is beah slanted towards the top but you wouldnt be able to notice it unless you looked closely.

He is friendly and will not bite. I have photos!

# I'm selling my african grey called Nigel he is hand tamed and had him since he was 14 weeks old he. Please contact me immediately if you find or see him. As you can see from photos, they are kinda tame, or at least, not afraid of humans.

Other pets

Faegan is a small 6 month old cockatiel. May have come to an early demise with a hawk by beach. He has african, grey and black feathers and light grey cheeks. Loves to be with greys. She was lost near Hayes valley. He is in excellent health. I lost home early morning around 6 am long my dad went to greet him and the door was open and he got spooked and flew off I spotted him once but was able to retrieve him.

He is mainly green, with blue feathers on wings, and a red tail. bird club. If you have a bowl of seed, and shake it, they will come flapping in for a landing.

African parrot breeders in the united states / sorted by u.s. state | beauty of birds

So now I have five left. He is a normal grey cockatiel, dark grey color with white wings, yellow head with bright logn cheek patches. 6 Months Old california, long beach. Long Beach, Ca. Her name is Puppy.

Tiny little bird, never came outside the house before today. Contact BRAD at I'm so sad.

Wild parrots multiplying in southern california - pethelpful - by fellow animal lovers and experts

Max escaped near 27th and B Street in Golden Hills. They also make a loud peircing screeching noise.

People who have this motive really have no clue what they are getting into. African Grey.

Alone, hungrey and scared. This means you will no longer have the freedom to paint the inside of your residence, use air freshners, cook with teflon, clean your oven, use chemicals of any kind, hairspray, perfume, scented candles to name a fewgrrey endangering the life of the bird or worse, killing him. Long Beach Bird Breeders shared an episode of Soulmates.

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