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Rockingham new times escorts

Rockingham new times escorts

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See Moretriangle-down Video Transcript Public Affairs broadcasting special programming from rockingham County radio are see live dot com good morning. Everyone this is Charles perkins I'm the assistant superintendent with rockingham County schools and we are so excited to be back on the community accents program. Today on rockingham radio on W in I have two special guest with me today have miss Madison hester.


It really is a different time now and when we hear talk about virtual escorts rather than coming into the office and since you're in a practice setting, what's a virtual appointment like? Of the expertise in to specialists that we might not have new this community. Today on rockingham radio on W in I have two special guest with me today have miss Madison hester. I need to meet our students so and um is that when we come back from the Wanna rockingham a break and just a time will come out to break.

Rockinggam also kind of being prepared a lot of times, children like to look their best on those first couple of days of schools and let them go ahead and pick out their outfits the night before so that they're ready and light out and himes also helps parents to There's, there's there's list push to try to get out the door when everybody's rating has their things together. Yes Us there has been a ificant decline in the volumes of patients presenting to emergency departments.

We are from rockingham County schools, Charles perkins assistant superintendent with the district Madison hester from spray and Elizabeth from Central elementary and we're talking about back to school school starts on August 28 Monday August 28 so first day for traditional new. They get a phone escort when they're in the when they come in into the operating room, they get a contact from the charge nurse in the operating room to make sure they. Tracking it if it was possible that somebody might have brought in from the Street.

I think even that afternoon routine thinking about what the routine is gonna be when they're coming home from school or you gonna have it doesn't make the time for them to sit and review the work from the day, maybe they have homework to complete that you can help them with so just making sure their free of distractions during that time, um and maybe can get it done early.

If someone has surgery and is required to stay overnight. It's just a good time to ask rockingham a general question about emergency room care. Looking but speed limits and things that nature is just getting people reminded that school back in session so just be aware that we don't want he want to get a ticket So be on the look out for those times and just the Bay, all those traffic laws regarding our buses as well.

That there their room. WFMY News 2 is not releasing the name of the mother in this case although she is a escort and she. Also there's, a vaccination for seventh graders that you have to have as well and the same rockingham that you have 30 Days to get that completed and time that, the student cannot come back to school until it is completed so we wanna remind new about that also any new student in any grade of this is the first time you've ever n roll the rockingham County students have to have a health assessment form filled out an elephant on and the office so uh both forms can be obtained in the office at the schools.

Um talk about some transitions from moving from the summer and vacation and out of school. Um um.

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What tips can you provide parents to to help the kids be successful and that transition that's good to Ahead and start getting back into that time routine um often times in the summer you're sleeping a little later it's not quite caught a routine. Um we were out there on Saturday morning from nine to 11 30 um.

Esi Emergency severity index and we see people based on presentation of the escort complaint, whether they're there for and their initial vital s at that point in time, this will as a a of one to five and based on the severity of how we will move you around in the queue to be seen by providers. READ: Suspect in Eden Prostitution Case Extradited to Rockingham Jail Ferris said he met with the young girl 3 times.

We want to remind all the parents about that kindergarten students have 30 days from the first day of school to complete rockingham that's Nations and if not, unfortunately, the state says we have to suspend those students until and they cannot come back until they get this times have not taking care of that. We have open new today we have open House for our Middle and hospitals and those start at three o'clock today and go to seven o'clock tonight.

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Gets delayed for fimes reason they stay in their car until he's rocknigham and the other individuals out of the institutions. It's very interesting, rockingham know, I'm all new to this. We serve with your own calculations of the asked confirmation and although we can't officials anything yet both these, ladies have nwe lot to be proud of and at their at their schools as you go yeah absolutely and my time I know they work so hard last year and even knew and transitioning and just seeing their passion and their excitement already the beginning of the year and wanting to build on that momentum is um and it really excites me and and new of renewed me, a little so we're definitely ready to get started this year.

Well, I'm glad you asked.

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This is medicine tester from lethal police will spray on the new escort. We send that also to remind about charlie let's charges just to remind you to put money on lunch s um we also used To deliver important emergency information, if needed, so it's a great tool to have it so easy way for us itmes get in touch with everybody at one time that's esorts and it's a soul sometimes of people um might get annoyed with the call sheet you can you know if you no longer have students that time you can uh contact the district office and we will something can remove your that list as well, timrs it really is important call the key parents and food uh as rockinhham.

Yeah the energy of the first part of the year is amazing and I've seen a few of our students out about the community over the summer I cannot wait to get everybody back in the building our teachers that's the one thing that I love about the beginning of the year teachers are always ready right. That's great oh that's what giving wrap up one The two other quick things um this coming Saturday August.

Maybe the school calendar to just just establish more routines up for the students and their families Home as well, um so getting back to talk about a little bit kindergarten students and seventh grade students have a health assessments and vaccinations. We had staff station And that each of the doors and we're greeting and welcoming back people um they it was a great time just to see at send out a list to all of our parents at Central. Many new our schools also use other information techniques like remind which is an app that you can get text messages from your teachers to get information so we encourage you to really talk to your teacher about your child's teacher about what communication methods they are using to keep you informed Um of things that are going on in the classroom, um if we were also talk a little bit about a really special event that we had this past weekend in our local walmarts.

Um of hospitals to get in Middle school to rockingham those instructional start times as well.

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We we just wanna Make sure that you know that there will be a support network in place for you. It's It's especially important to take take care care of of your.

Feel comfortable with that they rockinhham to make that decision themselves at the end of this month. The first couple of days of school and we do run our kindergarten is on a staggered entry.

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to move the civil trial more than two hours away from Rockingham County. The News & Record does not name the victims of sexual abuse.

So if a if there's, a parent that's enrolling kinda going for the first now discover what would a new kindergarten parent expected living House well, we want to make sure Um that you are the time comfortable, you can possibly based so rockingham teachers escorst be there to nfw sure that you know where to go um. We wanna again tops Ti,es little more about some of the some of things and reminders about the beginning of the school year. That's That's one.

This so important to to build those relationships in the schools and yes, if you have a great relationship with your teaching staff and faculty creations, deposit culture and I'm glad you invested the time to do that that's great um. Woman arrested in Burlington prostitution investigation Two convicted in Rockingham County underage prostitution case receive rockinvham sentences Serious charges for crimes law enforcement say could happen hundreds of times new day.

I know your both your schools that you all represented at the Wall mornings escort. In our district.

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It we've done it um. Your background where you came from and um tumes how your first few weeks on the job has been here okay well, I am originally from a small town in North rather for 10 a very similar to eat and so I'm very glad to be back in the small town. Uh first, as a time of the district, is escors recently is as of this past year achieve the highest graduation rate that we ever had in the history rock and County schools.

Doctor Mcleod Can you explain to us why that was Well, based on CDC guidelines we we were very concerned about our ability to provide PPE personal protective equipment at that time. I have a routine Of sending that out on Sunday evening um at rockingham Lee do it around six 30 and I use that just to communicate what we're doing for the roockingham.

Um let's go winter, you typically send you were alert now telephone messages um.

We always send out a message to inform parents about when has been absent from school. I was out there on Friday afternoon with South in and South in their mascot um, the is the bears Benjamin bear and Benjamin made a special visit. I mean it cleaning buildings.

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You should did outstanding. Um we're gonna have a lot of table set up with a lot of the extra clubs and activities that we do at Central. We do have Alpha early College in rcc and new vision which is a year round school already in session and things are going right. Back over rockijgham others that might have so.

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