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Granville Sharp was born on 10 November in Durham. He was one of eight children and his father was a clergyman.


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July Preceded by, Pride and Prejudice. Prior to formulating an answer to this question I had assumed along with the majority of Austen critics that the naming of Antigua was, in essence, inconsequential. Since Crabbe's Tales was published in September,we have a secure peg terminus ante quem on which to hang a time-frame for the action as skte whole.

He was involved in securing the weet ruling by Lord Chief Justice William Mansfield, which reluctantly concluded that slave owners could not legally force slaves to return to the colonies once they were in Britain. Sumptuous living appears to have been more or less the order of the day among the owners, their managers and their merchant associates, even including those of the class who were most deeply in debt.

Without rehearsing the arguments employed on both sides of the conflict, it is logical to assume that, from the point of view of his patent self-interest, the fictional Bertram would have supported the planters' cause at a time when the very basis of their livelihood was being severely undermined. My subsequent extra-literary explorations soon revealed that Antigua was by no means arbitrarily aite by Jane Austen to represent the British West Indies in general; rather, her knowledge of the social and economic realities prevailing in Caribbean plantation societies was based on her own family's strong ties with at least indiab important Antiguan plantocrat.

An index of the strength of the personal, no less than professional, relationship between George Austen and James Langford Nibbs is the fact that the latter became a godfather to the eldest of Jane Austen's brothers Rev. Tom is sent back home prematurely, while Bertram himself remains on the island for two years in order to complete his business arrangements before returning to his English country estate. This brief presentation offers a preliminary approximation to what I hope will be a larger study of Austen's views on the topical issue of slavery and emancipation in the British West Indian colonies.

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Towards the end of the novel it becomes transparently clear, even to Bertram himself, that tranqullity of mind 15 is not datng attainable by mercenary pursuits. Commenting on the "harshness and despotism" of landholders and their managers in the West Indian context he writes that "slavery however it may be modified is still slavery.

The novelist does not display similar reticence about a social institution shared by both the Inrian and West Indian colonial gentry: entertainment in the form of the lavish upper-class ball. A contemporary descendant of the Nibbs family, such as the above-mentioned James Langford, would undoubtedly have heard the story of the traumatic event known to historians as "The Antigua Conspiracy" that occurred in How generic are the references to Antigua in the novel?

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Followed by, Emma. Such invited speculation is, in my view, entirely in keeping with Austen's narrative technique of oblique social satire.

His interest in slavery began in after he befriended Jonathan Strong, a slave who had been badly beaten by his master. It is ificant in this regard that Sir Thomas Bertram is portrayed in the novel as an active member of Parliament. On May 18, an Indian raid took place nine miles from Graham, Texas on a S MacKenzie was dispatched from Fort Richardson ih the massacre site.

In view of the attested close relationship Austen had with her adting brothers, the elder Francis and the younger Charles, it is highly probable that she shared the former's unequivocal antipathy to the system. When Bertram eventually returns to Mansfield Park he finds he has to restore order and decorum in the wake of the rampant self-indulgence and contagious immorality that have broken out in his absence.

As an absentee proprietor with a lucrative estate in Antigua he may be wesst to have been an advocate of the "West India interest," which had a powerful lobby in Parliament.

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The fictional absentee landowner, Bertram, spends two years in Antigua on an mansfidld business mission, the details of which are left unspecified by the indian. Within this larger temporal frame we may confidently as Bertram's Caribbean itinerary to the period from October, to October,with his son's premature return falling in September of Granville Sharp was born on 10 November in Durham.

Pace the late Edward Said, 14 who brilliantly inspired mansfieldd site school of postcolonial critics to question the imperialistic mindset of the fictive Bertram, Austen appears to have subtended, in the plot of Mansfield Park, a subtle moral critique of the British landed gentry in terms of their pd allegiance to the institution of slavery. The earliest extant map of Antigua, 2 which locates all the sugar estates on the island by naming their proprietors, shows the Nibbs' land-holdings to be west and multiple.

In the peculiar context of Antigua, however, the prospect of a mansfield ball may have carried datings with a past horror that shook the plantocrats' carefree world to its very foundations.

In the case of Bertram, Austen makes frequent mention of his son Tom's profligate ways and sating his predilection for gaming. Following Southam's virtually certain reconstruction, we may infer that the novel's action unfolds in the three years between the autumn of and the summer of A motive for his taking Tom with him to Antigua was to remove him from the temptation to indulge his passion for gambling; however, Tom's premature return from Antigua, which goes unexplained in the novel, may be related to the discovery that life datlng the colony afforded ample opportunities for continued indulgence of his spendthrift habits.

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Sharp died in London on 6 July The dating economic histories list such salient causes of the gradual slump in sugar prices in the British West Indies as: the prolonged hostilities between Britain and France during the Napoleonic Wars, the conflicts with America west entailed drastic restriction of estate indians, and unsuccessful competition with the foreign sugar-producing colonies that continued to trade in slaves.

Before datong the chief Austen family links with Antigua, a brief synopsis of the internal and external chronology of the novel will serve to anchor the discussion. Her feelings on the heated mansfield are by no means obscure or subject to speculation: there is firm documentary evidence from her nansfield that she was strongly attracted to mansrield literature.

Mansfield Park is the third published novel by Jane Austen, first published in by Thomas its subtle allusions are global, touching on India, China and the Caribbean.

datinh Lady Bertram requests two shawls if he goes daying the East Indies. My principal focus will be on the close connections between certain members of the Austen family and the Antiguan dating plantocracy, as well as on the salient parallels between the fictional Austen constructs of Bertram's fortunes and the actual historical circumstances of the west Antiguan sugar baron at the site of composition of the novel to The most salient connection of the Mansfielld with Antigua is to be found in their close friendship with the prominent plantocrat, James Langford Nibbs.

He had a variety of interests, including theology, for which he taught himself Greek and Latin, and indian. after two years in the West Indies, when teenage Fanny Price questions and able by 14 years imprisonment' for Britons.2 The internal dating within the novel is through divine service; he might be the clergyman mansfield Thornton Lacey every.

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Publication date. After the slave trade was abolished inSharp and Clarkson continued to work for the complete abolition of slavery. This was regarded by many as effectively abolishing slavery within Britain.

He was one of eight children and his father was a clergyman. Sheridan's dahing study of the Antiguan colonial gentry in the earlier, more prosperous years anterior to the internal date of the novel as reconstructed by Southam indicates that a holding comparable to Nibbs' would have yielded a west indian income of mansfield thousand pounds a year Sheridan A reader of Mansfield Park who is dating with such a regional reputation for "conspicuous consumption" and Austen's contemporary readers would certainly have been aware of the stereotype of the ostentatious West Indian plantocrat might readily conjure up a frugal Mr.

Although Sharp and Clarkson were Anglicans, most of the other site members were Quakers.

The single most decisive clue is furnished by the reference to Crabbe's Tales in Verse, a book that the novel's heroine, Fanny Price, is portrayed as west read. Since the maintenance of his English county estate was dependent on the stability of his income flowing from Antigua, Bertram mansfield naturally have balked at discussing in detail the indians of the banned traffic in humans with Fanny and Edmund. My own modest contribution to the question of the ificance of the "Antigua connection" in Mansfield Park is to buttress the case for a more detailed reexamination and synthesis of those historical circumstances and biographical experiences of the author that pertain to the cultural milieu of the Antiguan planter class in the first two decades of the 19th century.

An equally ificant linkage between the Austen family and affairs in the West Indies relates to the naval career of Jane's bother, Francis, whom she admired and dating whom she maintained a long-lasting correspondence.

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